The launch of Pocket Styler Studio – creative tool allowing players to share their designs with the world

A new desktop fashion creator platform for our mobile styling game – Pocket Styler Studio was launched today.

Our latest “industry first” platform allows players to easily design virtual clothes and “work like real-life fashion designers” to create garments and entire fashion collections, including shoes and accessories, to their specifications.

When designs are completed, the digital designers can market their creations under their own ‘designer label’ name and sell them in-game to millions of Pocket Styler’s players in return for in-game currency, which has never been possible in a mobile fashion game before.

Our CEO, Victoria Trofimova said: “I believe we might see Pocket Styler Studio revolutionizing the fashion world by democratizing fashion design. It will give anyone, anywhere in the world, the chance to become a fashion designer and build their own fashion brand.”

The launch of Pocket Styler Studio could revolutionize fashion forecasting, providing instant real-time data on the best-selling new styles. It will also allow fashion houses and designer labels to spot up-and-coming new creatives.

Players can create any fashion item, from dresses and skirts to sunglasses and bags, and then customize them. Users choose a color palette and fabric and then make design choices across thousands of design details, such as the neckline style, sleeve design, length, silhouette and fit, as well as details like buttons and stitching.

Designs are saved in the designer’s profile until they are ready to be marketed in the Pocket Styler app. Once on sale, individual designers can track their success by publishing items and assessing how many sell. Players can choose a name for their designer label, create their logo and earn gems, the in-game currency for every item sold to other players.

The Pocket Styler app currently boasts over 310 trillion possible combinations of outfits, with 10.5 million looks submitted weekly and over 10 million votes given to outfits daily. However, until recently, the Pocket Styler artist team published a new collection of 100-150 digital items every two weeks. That was deemed nowhere near enough choice for the most active players. Now, the Pocket Styler Studio designers are uploading more than 2,000 new original items into a game every day. That “brings an entirely different level of choice and unleashes creativity for the players”.

Trofimova added: “The only limit to what you can create is your imagination.

By designing their own garments, players are transformed into designers, shaping the gaming universe – and potentially the world of real-life fashion – which they are so passionate about.”

Several big-name fashion brands have already expressed an interest in the new feature, and Pocket Styler is in talks with “key real-world fashion brands” on potential collaborations, allowing designers to craft and showcase their items within the app.

Approximately 70% of users are aged over 25, and 85% are female, and Pocket Styler Studio is “expected to provide a hothouse of new talent for the global fashion industry”.