Nordcurrent Labs will publish a horror game Go Home Annie

On the 26th of October, 2023 – Nordcurrent Labs has signed a publishing agreement with Misfit Village, a Croatian game development studio. Misfit Village is a young studio of the Pismo Business Incubator and Go Home Annie is the largest project created within the incubator based in Novska, Croatia. According to expectations, the game should be available on the market as early as next year.

The horror adventure game Go Home Annie recently got a new trailer that showcases more of the details of this video game, and also confirms that the Croatian startup Misfit Village now has a publisher. The team led by Mladen Bošnjak has been working on the development of Go Home Annie for the past few years, and we recognized their work.


The action of this horror game takes place in a house in the area of the Žumberak mountains located in the world of the SCP Foundation. The main character is Annie, whose role the player assumes by testing paranormal entities, solving different puzzles and exploring various paths to reach their end goal.

“We’re big fans of the fiction that has been created in the SCP Universe over the years and we wanted to offer our own contribution through this game,” said Mladen Bošnjak, the director of the Croatian startup Misfit Village.

“Don’t worry if you are not familiar with SCP fiction, because Go Home Annie offers an independent horror adventure that will raise the hairs on the neck of every single horror fan,” claimed Bošnjak, who signed the cooperation agreement with Nordcurrent Labs this year and thus ensured the release of the video game. More promising for the Croatian gaming scene yet, according to the million views on social media, it is being keenly awaited by a very large number of players.


Nordcurrent Labs has released five extremely popular video games to date, and this is our first project with a company headquartered in the Republic of Croatia. “We were immediately blown away by the imagination and execution of Go Home Annie,” said Andrius Mackevičius, head of publishing at Nordcurrent Labs. “It quickly became clear to us that Misfit Village are in fact crazy geniuses who understand horror well and have an original way of looking at a genre that is otherwise full of surprises, enthusiasm and creative energy,” they stated from Nordcurrent Labs.


The Novska based Pismo Business Incubator (powered by A1) has been in function for the past five years, with around 80 companies operating out of it. The much anticipated video game Go Home Annie is one of the largest projects created so far in this, otherwise the fastest growing Croatian business incubator.