Nordcurrent brings the iconic TGI Fridays™ into Cooking Fever

At the beginning on January we’ve announced our licensing partnership with TGI Fridays, bringing the iconic restaurant out of the kitchen and in front of 10 million monthly active users in our beloved cooking simulation mobile game, Cooking Fever.

The playable TGI Fridays restaurant, which launched in late December, has already been played over 6 million times in the first 3 weeks and includes nearly 100 branded elements, including menu, interior, kitchenware, and exterior. With over 400 million downloads worldwide, Cooking Fever is one of the world’s most popular restaurant management simulation games, so this partnership with TGI Fridays is a natural extension of Nordcurrent’s commitment to providing players with authentic in-game cooking experiences.

Our companies specialty is simulation games and we’ve seen a lot of potential in collaborations with real-world companies. With mobile gaming growing by around 5 to 10% each year, integration partnerships has become a valuable channel for brands to reach and engage with audiences in new and creative ways while improving the player experience with fresh content. Simulation games provide a natural fit for their respective real-life industry, where game developers and brands can expand their audience by integrating multiple branded elements into established games through branded playable experiences.

“Partnering with such a well-known brand not only adds something new for our dedicated players but also is a great example of our commitment to finding new ways to deliver engaging and immersive gameplay across our titles. There are multiple benefits of working with a global brand like TGI Fridays; it offers an opportunity to introduce a beloved restaurant brand to gaming enthusiasts, plus the partnership reinforces Cooking Fever’s position as one of the most popular mobile games for gamers that love its cooking-based gameplay – with over 10 million regular players,” said our CEO Victoria Trofimova.

“This is the first time TGI Fridays has partnered with a video games company, and we can’t wait for our legendary restaurant to reach the fingertips of mobile gamers worldwide. This collaboration extends the TGI Fridays brand into the digital realm, offering a meticulously crafted virtual representation of our iconic restaurant. TGI Fridays looks forward to this exciting collaboration with Cooking Fever, anticipating a mutually beneficial partnership that expands our reach, enhances brand recognition, and contributes to the ongoing success of our global restaurant chain,” said Kathleen Schloth, SVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer at TGI Friday.

The TGI Fridays restaurant will be available in Cooking Fever throughout 2024 and we have more plans to implement more branded integrations in Cooking Fever and its simulation titles, Airplane Chefs and Pocket Styler, over the year.

And now time to see the real story of how Michelle found the TGI Fridays.