LOOKING BACK AT MURDER IN THE ALPS LATEST CHAPTER: “NO QUARTER”: A thrilling cautionary tale about greed. 

In early April 2024, Nordcurrent released the latest chapter of Murder in the Alps: “No Quarter.” The title harkens back to an old battlefield expression, meaning no mercy will be shown to the defeated. A fitting expression to describe Anna Myers’ newest case, where a mysterious killer mercilessly dismembers their victims and scatters the parts around Zurich. But there’s more beneath the surface. Scriptwriter Rimas Kirslys explains: “The title also plays with the other meaning of “Quarter”, which is a coin – money. The underlying principle that grew into a theme of the entire chapter is: Your wrong-doings catch up to you, sooner or later.”

In “No Quarter,” Anna and her frequent partner, police officer Ulli Reiter, find themselves in a high-stakes race across Zurich. The killer leaves valuable items or large sums of money with the body parts, attracting greedy citizens to join the hunt and claim the prize. Anna and Ulli must navigate a city full of opportunists, all competing to find the remains first. “The chapter grew around the idea of greed,” reflects Kirslys. According to the scriptwriter, the riches tucked away in bags together with the parts of the victim reflect that: “if you want to get something you don’t deserve (find the bags), you’ll have to get your hands dirty. However, acting on immoral grounds is a zero-sum game,” Kirslys elaborates. 

The hunt for the killer takes players through new and intriguing settings, including a luxurious and exclusive art auction and a shadowy den where gambling and death intertwine.

Among the new characters Anna must investigate is Martha Landolt, a sassy socialite whose businesses include auctioning art items with a mysterious connection to the murders. Returning characters involve street-savvy Manu Schreier and Anna’s boss Sven Lange, each with their own compelling story arcs.

“No Quarter” delves into themes of corruption and greed, “All the main actors of this chapter expressed greed in one way or another,” said Kirslys. But to the writer, those who express the opposite of greed, generosity, are the ones who will gain the most in the end. “This is also built on top of an ancient idea, which states that those who are willing to sacrifice will live the richest lives.” in Kirslys’ own words.

The latest chapter presents a dark and gripping episode in the Murder in the Alps series. This thrilling case will keep players on edge, eager to uncover the killer’s identity and motivations.