FIRESIDE RELEASED: The heartwarming adventure through a magical island is now available on PC and Switch! 

On June 4, 2024, Nordcurrent Labs published their latest game, Fireside, developed by Emergo Entertainment. The game is the culmination of a long journey marked by hard work and commitment. 

The concept for Fireside originated in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The development team aimed to foster positive emotions in the midst of that challenging period. Initially envisioned as a traditional RPG, the focus shifted to the more comforting idea of a cozy, campfire-centric experience, moving away from the stressful combat systems often common in the genre. 

Fireside offers a soothing atmosphere where players can enjoy their journey by listening to travelers’ tales, understanding their needs, and helping them. 

“When we created Fireside, we wanted to share a story about compassion and empathy in a way that was accessible to all,” said Paul Redetzky, CEO of Emergo Entertainment.

The philosophy appears to have paid off. After four years of development, Fireside launched on Steam to highly positive reviews, reaching 10,000 wishlists within the first 24 hours. 

Set in a whimsical world filled with anthropomorphic characters, Fireside follows Knick, a castaway merchant whose name can be customized by players. After the shipwreck, Knick finds himself on a remote island, meeting memorable inhabitants at each campsite and sharing stories by the fire. Players engage in peaceful interactions, trading items, and gathering resources, but they must also help restore the balance of mystical shrines around the island, which will require them to collect soul energy. A kind of energy that can only be boosted by helping others and receiving their gratitude.

The absence of combat doesn’t mean a lack of challenges; crafting and exploration are essential for progress. The player must manage their items and choose wisely how to trade them. Cooking and finding new recipes come in handy, making it easier to trade items as the journey progresses. 

The characters along the way have their own unique backstory and specific problems that the player needs to solve to gain their gratitude and gather more soul energy. Some of the most memorable side quests include helping Kevin, a little rain droplet who has fallen to the land, find his way back to his mother, the biggest and fluffiest cloud in the sky. Another entertaining side quest involves a mermaid whose voice has been stolen. Players must gather information by talking to island characters and following rumors to uncover the culprit, whose identity is hilariously surprising. 

Fireside offers a charming and engaging experience that invites players to dive into a heartwarming adventure. “We are so excited to welcome new audiences to find their space at the fire, share their tales and champion our helping hand philosophies in Fireside!” said Redetzky. 

Fireside is currently available on PC via Steam and on Nintendo Switch and can be purchased in the links below: 

Steam – 

Epic games store 

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