COOKING FEVER NEW UPDATE: Lost Oasis, a Culinary Journey Through Egypt! 

On the 18th of April, Cooking Fever struck again with the release of a new update. The latest addition to the game is a brand-new location called Lost Oasis, set in the majestic land of Egypt. Players are transported to the backdrop of the pyramids, where they take on the role of running a bustling kitchen right in front of these ancient wonders. 

Lost Oasis immerses players in the rich culture and flavors of the Middle East, with typical music setting the scene and the environment adorned with iconic symbols and idols fostering a captivating ambiance. From the intricate designs of scarabs, revered as symbols of protection and rebirth, to the solemn presence of jackal idols guarding the kitchen’s path, and the towering grandeur of obelisks reaching towards the skies, every detail invites players to immerse themselves in the mystique of Egypt’s golden age.

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But it’s not only the beautiful visuals that make this update stand out. The mouthwatering cuisine as always plays a vital role in bringing the experience to life. Players are tasked with serving up authentic Middle Eastern dishes such as Ta’ameya, Molokhia and Baba Ganoush. 

The new location also comes with new mechanics, that will require players to plan their ingredient preparation carefully. Fava beans for the falafels and eggplants for the Baba Ganoush will need to be fed into the grinder individually, adding a new layer to the already chaotic nature of managing a busy kitchen. 

Another engaging feature will enable players to personally prepare a Ta’ameya, from slicing delicious looking flatbreads to assembling the right ingredient inside of them. It’s so mouthwatering that you will be tempted to try a Ta’ameya yourself. 

Senior Game Designer, Edgaras Petrulis, jokes that the new location was heavily inspired by the movie “The Mummy,” which the production team has watched hundreds of times. In their quest for authenticity, members of the development team have done extensive research, and some have even been to Egypt themselves to sample the cuisine firsthand, ensuring that every detail of the game captures the essence of the country and culture. 

“We are very happy and proud with this creation” said Project Manager, Tomas Šiukščius as he reflected on the team’s hard work and dedication. With its outstanding visuals, authentic cuisine, and immersive gameplay, Lost Oasis is sure to be a hit among Cooking Fever fans worldwide.