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I need more gems/coins

There are several ways our players can receive free bonus points. You can choose the most suitable for you from the following:

  1. Go to the Gems / Coins screen > Choose "Free" -> then choose a) Connect to Facebook b) Like Us on Facebook c) Invite Facebook Friend.
  2. Follow us on Facebook where we frequently reward players with bonus points for participating in contests and other community activities.

Also, there are in-game options:

  1. Participate in Tournaments and Challenges to win gems and coins.
  2. Spin the wheel at Casino.
  3. Collect daily rewards of coins and gems for signing in daily.
  4. Complete Achievements and Tasks to claim lucrative prizes!
  5. Increase your XP level and receive gems!

Important: keep in mind that we do not give free gems or coins per player's request as it would not be fair to other chefs.

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